Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saving lives

So today I decided to try and save some lives. I donated blood. How many of you believe this is a great way to save lives? Do you donate? What got you started with donating blood? How many lives do you think we save every year?

I started doing this 14 years ago. It all started when my twins were born 3 months early and needed blood transfusions. They wanted to give my kids someone else blood, I asked if I could donate for them. The doctors were so surprised... I believe it was best for my babies to have more of mine.

This is something many Americans don't do. If we can get more people aware of the lives we can save. We might be able to double the lives we save every year. I strongly believe that if everyone voids out their fear of needles we can save more lives.

If you or someone you know does this please let me know. I am thankful to all that do this!!!! If it wasn't for blood donations my babies might not have had a chance. (even though they got my blood)  Thanks for reading. Please submit your comments.

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