Wednesday, September 25, 2013

French Toast School Wear Giveaway

Giveaway runs from Sept. 25th thru Oct. 4th so get your entries in now.

The opportunity to offer a giveaway to my fans for school uniforms is exciting. Thanks to French Toast for sponsoring! I dread back to school shopping and even more when you are on a tight budget. In our school district kids from 1-10 grades are required to wear uniforms and French Toast is like the official company that all stores carry for this area. I selected 4 items to review and it was hard to decide on sizes more than what products to get. When it comes to school shopping, I'm blessed to have parents who want to help out. I rarely pay for school supplies, clothes, or shoes, but what's difficult is always not shopping in advance. The last 3 years I always end up shopping late or waiting until the day before school starts to go out and purchase the items.
I decided to get 1 shirt, 1 pants, 1 dress, and a sweater. DD7 was in love with the dress which I knew with her being girly girl and all. With the weather slowly getting colder each day, she will have to hold off on the dress until I get some tights or legging to wear underneath. She hasn't gotten a chance to wear it yet, usually I have wearing pants and a polo shirt like this one.
[caption id="attachment_1133" align="aligncenter" width="83"] Overall, I never have any complaints about the clothes from French Toast. The only problem I have is when the kids outgrow them before my eyes! Like I mention before, the hardest part is deciding what size to get. It's helpful that they provide the adjustable straps on the inside of the pants if they are too large, but fit perfect length wise. With my kids that always seems to be my problem with pants. Skinny waist with long legs! It runs in the family. lol They are easy to wash and dry with regular laundry detergent. This was a huge success!
1st Day of School 08.2013[/caption] My favorite is the sweater I got because its super soft! I wish I had a sweater like this to wear during the day in school. She loves this sweater also and now that its getting a little chilly in the mornings this is perfect for her to wear to school and its within the school uniform requirements.

I buy a lot of clothes from this company for my 4 kids.. They are reasonably priced and very sturdy. If you have kids in school then this giveaway is for you. Reviews by Rambling Chef Holly is glad to be part of this great Giveaway.. 


French Toast is offering two tops and one bottom of the winner’s choice from Enter below for a chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This is a great giveaway because all the schools where we live require uniforms.

  2. I like the boys long sleeve pullovers with buttons

  3. I have a son so this is a great review for me!! I'm going to check this out!!

  4. I'm interested in the belts,ties, and shoes for boys!!! Great stuff for church


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