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Blast Zone Giveaway 9/12-9/22

Posted: 12 Sep 2013 03:31 PM PDT

Ramblings of the Chef next door is happy to be helping Jessica talks Family & 
Stephanies bit by bit in this giveaway!

You can go check out this awesome review from fellow blogger
Jessica Talks Family Fun
For any of my readers that live in Florida, you know this summer was a 
HOT one! So i had to find something for my kids and their friends to do to 
keep cool all summer! I came across a company called Blast Zone and was 
very impressed with the selection of slides and bounce houses they had to 
choose from. Since i wanted something to keep them cool i picked Crocodile 
isle inflatable water park and slide! My 6 Year old and her friend, who is also 
our neighbor were both very excited for this to come! 
The anticipation was the worst everyday she would ask if it was coming…
FINALLY…It was here! and even though the neighbor
was out of town she could not wait to get her suit on and get it filled up to

Let me just say that this is a Very well made slide. I have rented slides from 
places for birthday parties in the past and this is just as nice! They have had 
hours of fun on this slide and even my 13-year-old and her friends have gotten 
on it a few times! My 6-year-old even got my husband to go down the slide… 
(that was hilarious) lol

Ever our dog bugsy wanted in on the fun! He loves water so he could not wait to jump
 in with my 6-year-old! They have had so much fun together all summer , Since we live
in Florida i am sure we will be putting up the slide through October since it does not
usually get cold here until the last few months sowe still have lots of time to have loads
of fun on our blast zone slide! Blast zone also has lots of other slides and bounce houses
to you can visit them at and check out all the neat things they have you
can also find them on Facebook ! I will definitely be recommending this company to family
and friends so their kids can have as much fun as mine have all summer!

BUT! Here is the AWESOME part….I am doing a giveaway for one of these exact
same slides Value over 600$!!! So if you would like to enter the link is below!
And if you are not my lucky winner blast zone will offer any of my readers 10%
any slide or bounce house from their site! Good luck everyone!
You can enter below for your chance to win one for 
your very own!!!!


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