Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Soda Stream Review

I received this system free of charge for a honest review. This system is great. It has some great flavors such as Orange, Root beer, Kool aid, Crystal light, and even a Energy one. There is more than that. And all taste great. Another thing I like is you can put as little or as much carbonation as you like. You can also make your own syrup's to go with your soda stream.

When we first got the soda stream I was unsure about it. Though my husband was all about it. He was so excited to get to make his on soda's. And well the kids couldn't keep their hands off it. They were allowed to make one drink at dinner time and that was like a treat for them. When we ran out of the CO2 cartridge, we went and bought a new one right away.

So if you like soda but hate the cost this is the way to go. The only down side is it does not have all the flavors my family loves. And it can be a little cheaper. Though with my family this is a hit and we will use it for years to come.  You can buy refilled CO2 cartridges online for about $15 instead of new ones for about $30.

Also you can do a search on soda stream and homemade syrup's and find some useful and some funny stories. So go get one for yourself or a loved one and have a fun family night.


  1. I have been really considering getting one of these for our family but since I have been pregnant and my hubby is on a gym kick we haven't been drinking soda that much anymore. But I was always curious how it compared to the real soda!!

  2. I have heard a lot of things about Soda Stream. And one blogger said they were awful and the pop did not turn out. But I think they are cool, and a lot cheaper than buying pop which is so costly. I like the Diet Cola flavor. My sister has one of these and I had some pop at her house.

  3. I love soda stream I love the soda it makes.I think it taste great.


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